Editorial in the Las Cruces Sun-News entitled, "STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT GAY MARRIAGE"

April 11, 2013

Crushing debt in Europe, civil war in the Middle East, nuclear threats from Iran and N. Korea, and here at home we struggle with a sputtering economy and our own runaway debt; but for some reason the issue of same-sex marriage is paramount. Having said that, morality is the pillar of our society, and one could argue that our moral decay is the reason for most of our problems. However, there are many aspects to this issue and I will attempt to address some of them here. But before I get to the reasons why I disagree with same-sex marriage, I’d like to make an observation.

Marriage has been an institution with the definition of one man and one woman for all 5,000 years of recorded history. Yet there has never been a dispute of this definition until recently. Even the hippie movement of the 1960’s did not dispute the traditional definition of marriage. Interestingly, however, they did mock this time-honored tradition: “Why do we need to get married? It’s just a piece of paper. We are married in our hearts.” Five decades later these same liberally-minded individuals have control of every significant aspect of our society from academia, Hollywood, media, and politics. And now, all of a sudden, marriage is the most important institution of all, and homosexuals must be a part of it. So I find this relatively new-found passion for marriage slightly suspicious. So, why is this issue so critical today?

Is it the money and benefits? I don’t think so; it seems too shallow a reason for such a monumental change. Is it about love? Again, not according to the ancestors of this movement who believed that you could love someone just as much without a marriage license. So, what is the true motivation for changing the definition of marriage? The homosexual community has conquered every political hurdle except marriage. And if they can get the government to put their stamp of approval on their lifestyle it will be the ultimate political victory. After all, when the government says something is legal people have a tendency to see it as morally right. And that is exactly what the homosexual community is looking for…legitimacy. But is homosexual behavior a moral way of life?

Homosexuality is immoral from a religious, scientific and logical point of view. Multiple major religions and both the Old and New Testaments attest to this immorality. Romans chapter one even tells us that those who support such behavior are just as guilty. Secondly, science attests to the behavioral nature of homosexuality. Not that I subscribe to evolution, but can anyone explain how homosexuality evolved; especially considering the fact that it hasn’t become culturally acceptable until recently? This contradiction is why we will never conclusively find the ‘homosexual gene’. Lastly, common sense tells us that homosexuality is unnatural in light of nature’s overwhelming evidence of the male/female relations necessary for life and family development.

If you disagree with this moral assessment let me ask you a question. Is there a limit to redefining marriage? Will we eventually be demanding marriage between adults and children? Or, maybe we’ll even seek to redefine adultery with a push for marriage between three or more adults? Why not if these relationships are mutual and based on love? In other words, if it’s not a moral issue but simply a matter of redefinition, why can’t we include all these different unions as well?

Another reason I disagree with same-sex marriage is it would most likely be detrimental to society. Studies show that the homosexual lifestyle not only results in higher rates of STDs, but also results in higher rates of promiscuity, obesity (in lesbians), compulsive behavior, violence in relationships, mental illness, depression and suicide. And while studies show that only 2 to 4% of the population are homosexual, children who are raised by same-sex couples have a much higher chance of engaging in the homosexual lifestyle. On the other hand, traditional marriage has proven to be a stabilizing force for societies since the beginning of time. It forms the foundation of the nuclear family that forms the backbone of all great societies. And studies show children who are raised by a man and a woman have a much better chance to succeed. These are the reasons why our government must continue to foster and preserve traditional marriage.

The reality of the situation is that no one is taking away homosexual’s rights to do whatever they want in the privacy of their own homes. And no one is taking away their right to exist and partake in the marketplace and civil society. But the government does not have a constitutional obligation to recognize and approve a person’s immoral behavior.

I know this has been incredibly blunt. But please understand my position does not come from hatred but from a practical concern for our society, and faithfulness to God and what He thinks is right. Jesus tells us to hate the sin but love the sinner. And, of course, we are all sinners. The only difference is I am not asking the government to justify mine.

Neal Hooks