Just as the realtors' top three issues for real estate are "Location, Location, Location"; my top three issues are "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs". Jobs are created when the government gets out of the way to allow people the opportunity to be as great as they can be. This includes getting rid of over-burdensome regulations and stifling taxes. This leads to an increase of capital available for the job creators to innovate, expand, and thus, create jobs. In addition, when jobs are created, the tax base is expanded, giving the government increased revenues to operate without deficits.

Taxes and Spending

I believe the government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Therefore, I am never in favor of raising taxes. Because when taxes are raised the additional revenue is never used for deficit reduction. Also, taxes take money away from the private sector, which is the true source of jobs, wealth creation and economic expansion.

Shrinking Government

Government is simply too big today. Our constitution was written with the intent that government must remain limited in order to keep it from infringing on our rights, freedoms and opportunities. The best way to keep government small and limited is to give it less money through lower taxes. Additionally, we must elect conservative candidates who understand the importance of limited government.


George Will once said that the three Rs of education are no longer "Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, but Racism, Reproduction and Recycling". The reason this is true, is because government has a monopoly on the education system. And more money, more administration, and/or more unions will never fix the problems. The real solution is choice. Parents have more choice for private schools through vouchers. Additionally, when parents can send their children to any public school, regardless of what district they live in, this gives them choice as well. Couple this with more of a reward / punishment system in place for schools and teachers, and competition goes up, making schools better. Lastly, we must consider bringing back two Biblical principles to our schools: student discipline and values.


Energy is critical to New Mexico. Our oil fields produce 26,000 good jobs for New Mexicans and provide $2 billion of tax revenues to the state, which help fund a significant portion of our educational system. Additionally, New Mexico oil fields help the United States towards energy independence. Lastly, while I am in favor of all types of energy, the most practical and effective energy source we have today is fossil fuels. However, today environmental extremism is posing a threat to this critical source of energy, and I would work to prevent our oil fields from being closed.

Public Land

I believe that we should protect our lands. But we can accomplish this while preserving our right to use the land responsibly. If we allow the government to designate huge portions of New Mexico land as 'wilderness' then we give up our ability to use it for recreation, as well as to produce jobs and state revenue. Additionally, wilderness designations in close proximity to our southern border can create corridors for drug smuggling, human trafficking and vast repositories for garbage. This is why I am strongly in favor of Congressman Pearce's HR4334 that designates the Organ Mountains as a National Monument. This protects our land, our prosperity, and keeps us safe.


I believe one of the most important constitutional duties of the government is to ensure the right to life. Legal abortion takes that right away from an unborn child. While I understand the difficulties of life that might drive a woman to consider abortion, in reality it always comes down to convenience. This is why I believe that abortion is never acceptable in any circumstance. Furthermore, being adopted myself, I understand the power of adoption and the hope for a wonderful life it provides for a child whose parents, for whatever reason, are unable to care for him/her.


The Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obama Care) is a giant leap toward socialized medicine and a government take-over that will only exacerbate the healthcare issues we face, both on a national and state level. Here in New Mexico we face rising healthcare costs and smaller healthcare budgets. So, it is important that we do not look to the government, but the free market for our solutions. Tort Reform, competition across state lines for the Insurance Industry, and healthcare savings accounts are a few examples. Also, we need to introduce more personal responsibility into our healthcare costs.


The Constitution is not a "living and breathing" document. If it were, then it wouldn't mean anything, and would not be worth the paper it is written on. The Founding Fathers made it clear how important a small and limited government is, and how the Constitution was written to limit that power for the protection of its people. The New Mexico State Constitution parallel's the United States Constitution in many ways, and I believe we must use it as a guide for the laws that we consider. If not, then we continue to risk the unsustainable growth of government we have today.


I am 100% for immigration, but I am 100% against illegal activity. Having said that, I believe the biggest threat to our border is the drug smuggling and human trafficking coming into our state. So, I believe it is important for New Mexico to assist the federal government enforce the immigration laws in order to reduce this threat. Additionally, I want to make it easier for those who truly want to enter our state legally, looking for a better life. We can do this by reducing red tape and increasing the number of immigrants allowed to enter the United States per year.

Family and Values

Family is the core unit, the critical piece that holds the fabric of our country together. If the family breaks down, so does our state and nation. Today, the traditional values that have held our families, state and nation together for so long are being attacked. Out of Wedlock pregnancies, rampant divorce rates, and the push of homosexual agenda in our schools are destroying us. Therefore, I firmly stand for anything that strengthens the family unit and our values, and I will oppose all legislation that seeks to undermine them.