Response to an article in the Las Cruces Sun-News entitled, "Hispanic Vote Critical"

"Hateful Republican Party?"

Do Democrats really believe that republicans hate minorities, the poor, gays, women, and the elderly? I am about as conservative as you can get, and promise I do not hate any of these folks. The truth of the matter is that republicans have just as much concern for all people; we just have different solutions than the Democrats.

For example, just because republicans are concerned about the rule of law, drug smuggling, human trafficking and the related violence that is occurring near our borders every day, doesn't mean we hate Hispanics. And just because republicans want to reduce the entitlement state, doesn't mean that we hate the poor. In fact, I would argue that we care more about the poor because we don't want to relegate anyone to a permanent class of Americans who are dependent on the state. Likewise, we want gays to have the freedom to do whatever they want in their own bedrooms. We simply don't want politicians to force schools to teach such a controversial behavior to our young impressionable children. And, are republicans really conducting a "war on women" because we don't think it necessary to pay for birth control? Lastly, republicans don't want to throw granny off the cliff simply because we see Medicare going bankrupt, and realize that unless we do something about it we all lose our benefits.

There are problem solvers and there are demagogues. Demagogues are those who gain power and popularity by simply arousing the emotions and prejudices of the people. These types of political leaders are not truly seeking solutions, only power. Because pitting one group of people against another has never solved a single problem, it only creates hate.

Neal Hooks

New Mexico State Senate Republican Candidate for District #38